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Changing the Computing World

How PersiMMon will change the computing world.

  • PersiMMon is the most significant shift in OS technology for decades. For the first time ever, distributed persistent memory will be ubiquitously available on mainstream operating systems. 
  • It will transform the Internet, by making the development and deployment of Internet applications (e.g. SaaS), much faster and easier. A teenager with a laptop will be able to write an application and make it instantly available to millions of users.
  • PersiMMon will make it possible to write network applications without writing any networking code.
  • It will solve the looming computer security crisis, by employing state-of-the-art security mechanisms that are impractical for existing platforms. It will provide the foundation for new Internet applications that are immune to spam.
  • It accesses data in a way that is fundamentally more efficient than almost any existing system.
  • It is a revolutionary new platform, with a downhill migration path from existing platforms (e.g. Linux, Windows).
  • It is Free Software (GPL), based on the Linux kernel, but readily portable to other operating systems (e.g. BSD, Windows). Everyone can use it, and they will!


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